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Glasgow’s Whisky Festival 2014 will take place at The Arches on Saturday 15th November 2014.

Photo by Alasdair Watson Photography.

Glasgow's Whisky Festival is now sold out!

This festival features stands showcasing Scotland's finest drams plus whiskies from all over the world. Alongside the whisky stands there will be other spirits, fantastic foodies and beautifully crafted whisky barrel furniture. We also have a Glasgow's Whisky Festival stand with t-shirts and glasses.

Additionally, the Arches Cafe will be offering a selection of Scottish food to soak up the drams in the Studio in Arch 4.

On the day you will receive a special Homecoming Whisky Festival Glencairn glass and a souvenir programme which will show you where everything is in the venue.

Doors open at 1pm and last pour will be at 4:45pm.

See the Exhibitors page for details of who will be there.