Tickets for 2018 are now sold out!

This year we will be running two sessions again.

Session 1 will run from 12pm-4pm.

Session 2 will run from 5pm-9pm.

You can buy online from Tickets Scotland and also in person from Tickets Scotland and the Bon Accord in Glasgow.

Tickets are no longer available from Tickets Scotland. We have a pinned post on our Facebook page for people selling spares and if you check with Bon Accord you might be able to get tickets which haven’t been picked up.

We request that you do not buy tickets for more than one session.

In the interests of fairness (due to unprecedented demand for our festival last year) and especially in the interests of responsible drinking we will have systems in place to prevent anyone from attending both sessions.

Please do not attempt to do so as you will be refused entry to the second session and will not be refunded.

Tickets cost £40 and include two £5 vouchers for The Good Spirits Co. which can be redeemed against any 50cl or 70cl bottle (one voucher per bottle).