Tickets for our 2021 festival – on Saturday 19th of February 2022 – will go on sale from 11am on Saturday 20th of November 2021.

There are two sessions to choose from:

Session 1 runs from 12pm-4pm. SOLD OUT!

Session 2 runs from 5pm-9pm. SOLD OUT!

‘Last pour’ is always 15 mins before the end of each session.

You can buy online from Tickets Scotland and also in person from Tickets Scotland and the Bon Accord in Glasgow.

We request that you do not buy tickets for more than one session.

In the interests of fairness (due to unprecedented demand for our festival each year) and especially in the interests of responsible drinking we will have checks in place to prevent anyone from attending both sessions.

Please do not attempt to do so as you will be refused entry to the second session and will not be refunded.

Tickets cost £40 each (a booking fee applies at Tickets Scotland) and are non-refundable.

Please note you will also need to satisfy any Covid restrictions that may be in force at that time.